Ventricular Fibrillation (V- Fib) 

Ventricular Fibrillation

A cardiac arrhythmia marked by rapid depolarizations of the ventricular myocardium. The condition is characterized by a complete lack of organized electric activity, and of ventricular ejection. BP falls to zero, resulting in unconsciousness. Death may occur within 4 minutes. CPR must be initiated immediately, with defibrillation and resuscitative medications given according to ACLS protocol. Mosby (2009-02-11). 


Rate Cannot be determined because there are no discernible waves or complexes to measure 

Rhythm Rapid and chaotic with no pattern or regularity 

P-Waves Not discernible

PR Interval Non discernible 

QRS Duration Not discernible


EPI 1mg 1:10,000 every 3-5 min (no max) Amiodarone 1st dose 300mg bolus 2nd dose 150mg bolus

Mag Sulfate 1-2g IVP (Diluted in 10ml IVP over 1 min)


CPR >2 inches, 100 BPM Rotate every 2 minutes 30:2 Vent to Breath rati

Defibrillate 200j

CPR Same as above

IV 18g or larger in AC

Defibrillate 300j

CPR Same as above

EPI 1mg 1:10,000 every 3-5 min (no max) 

Defibrillate 360j

Amiodarone 1st dose 300mg bolus 2nd dose 150mg bolus

Mag Sulfate 1-2g IVP (Diluted in 10ml IVP over 1 min) 

Advanced Airway

Noticeable by:

No organized depolarization of the ventricles. Looks chaotic with deflections that vary in shape and amplitude. NO NORMAL LOOKING WAVEFORMS ARE VISIBLE 

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