Trigeminal PVC Strip

1. A grouping in threes.
2. A cardiac arrhythmia characterized by the occurrence of three heartbeats in a repeating pattern: two normal beats coupled to an ectopic beat, or two ectopic beats coupled to a normal beat. —trigeminal Mosby (2009-02- 11).


Rate Usually within normal range but depends on underlying rhythm 

Rhythm Essentially Regular with premature beats

P-Waves Usually absent or with retrograde conduction to the atria

PR Interval None

QRS Duration Usually 0.12 sec (3 small boxes) or greater. Wide and bizarre. T wave usually in the opposite direction of the QRS complex


Monitor Diagnostic 12 lead 

Usually requires no treatment



Noticeable by: 

Every 3rd beat occurring earlier than the next expected sinus beat. The QRS is typically equal to or greater than 0.12 sec (3 boxes). The T wave is typically in the opposite direction of the QRS complex 

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