Ventyricular Standstill Progressing to Asystole

A life-threatening cardiac condition characterized by the absence of electrical and mechanical activity in the heart. Clinical signs include apnea and lack of pulse. Without cardiac monitoring, asystole cannot be distinguished from ventricular fibrillation.


Rate Ventricular not discernible but atrial activity may be observed

Rhythm Ventricular not discernible but atrial may be discernible

P-Waves Usually not discernible 

PR Interval Non measurable 

QRS Duration Absent


EPI 1mg 1:10,000 every 3-5 min (no max)


CPR >2 inches, 100 BPM Rotate every 2 minutes 30:2 Vent to Breath ratio 

 IV 18g or larger in AC

CPR Same as above

EPI 1mg 1:10,000 every 3-5 min (no max) 

Advanced Airway

Noticeable by: 

Straight Line

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