Accelerated Junctional Rhythm 

Accelerated Junctional Rhythm

Accelerated Idioventricular Rhythm (AIVR) 

A rhythm emanating from a focus in the AV junction at a rate greater than its normal rate of 60 but less than 100 beats per minute; it may be due to altered automaticity secondary to disease or to triggered activity secondary to digitalis toxicity. There may or may not be retrograde conduction to the atria.


Rate Ventricular rate 41-100 BPM 

Rhythm Ventricular rhythm is regular 

P-Waves Usually absent or with retrograde conduction to the atria, may appear after the QRS.

PR Interval None

QRS Duration 0.12 sec (3 small boxes) or greater, wide and bizarre.




Monitor Diagnostic 12 lead 

Oxygen 15LPM NR Mask 

Supportive Care

Usually requires none

Noticeable by: 

3 or more Ventricular escape occur in a row at a rate of 41-100 BPM QRS Complex is Wide and Bazaar

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