CLASS: Sympathomimetic

Indications: Cardiac arrest - VF/Pulseless VT; asystole; PEA (First line pharmacologic agent for any pulseless dysrhythmia in cardiopulmonary arrest). Severe Bronchospasm, i.e., Difficulty Breathing, Bronchiolitis, Asthma, Allergic Reaction, AnaphylaxisBradycardia, refractory with profound hypotension, monitored patient only. Hypotension unresponsive to other therapy, monitored patient only. Croup

Adult Dosage: 1 mg of 1:10,000 solution repeat every 3 - 5 minutes

 Packaging: 1:10,000 solution 1 mg/10 ml pre-filled syringes 1:1,000 solution 1 mg/1 ml ampule or pre-filled syringes; 30 mg/30 ml vial


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