Dopamine Intropin


CLASS: Sympathomimetic

Indications: Acts on dopaminergic receptors to stimulate cerebral, renal and mesenteric vasculature to dilate; HR and B/P are usually unchanged; may increase urine output. ß1 stimulant action is primary effect (increases cardiac output and partially antagonizes the a-adrenergic-mediated vasoconstriction. Overall effect is increased cardiac output and only modest increase in systemic vascular resistance (SVR) A-adrenergic effects predominate resulting in renal, mesenteric and peripheral arterial and venous vasoconstriction with marked increase in SVR, pulmonary vascular resistance and further increased preload Produces hemodynamic effects similar to norepinephrine; may increase HR and O2 demand to undesirable limits

Adult Dosage: (dosage range 2-20 μg/kg/min) Preparation: (If premixed not carried) Add 400 mg/ 250 ml NS or Dextrose = 1600 μg/ml. Bradycardia: Start at 5 μg/kg/min Shock: cardiogenic or septic (non-hypovolemic) BP < 70 systolic: Start drip at 5 μg/kg/min BP > 70 systolic: Start drip at 2.5 μg/kg/min

 Packaging: 400 mg/5 ml vials 400 mg in 250 ml D5W premixed IV solution


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